YPD 2010: France

YPD France invites you to the 8th training programme

“For a different development?”

8th YPD youth International training programme,

Young People are questioning th(eir) development »

in Rieux le Cambraisis (France),

from October 22 to November 2 2010

The 2010 training programme in brief:

For the first time of our YPD history, the international training programme will take place in Europe, in Rieux-en-Cambraisis, in the North of France. It won’t deal with a specific development issue but with development as a concept. Indeed, development is not self-understanding, it is the result of the growing economic integration of societies around the world. Both in northern and southern countries it creates inequalities, injustice and disturbs traditional practices. The civil society is trying to reduce these inequalities through development project. In this context : young people have a crucial role to play because they represent the future. Through non-formal education, games and intercultural learning, YPD members from South East Asia, Europe and Australia will be invited to question development as they know it in their respective country in order to identify the limits and opportunities for youth. 

Programme and Methodology:The training programme will follow the familiar YPD methodology: SEE – JUDGE – ACT.

Arrival Day (October 22d)

SEE (October 23th to 25th): 3 days immersion trip in small groups all over France : among immersion topics are : alternative way of life, migration in Europe, rural development lead by youth, poverty and job insecurity, fair trade and social enterprise, equality of chances…

JUDGE (October 26th to 29th ): 4 days in Rieux le Cambraisis to share all together about the various immersion trips and discuss about our understanding and experience of development. Preparation of the workshop on north-south solidarity to be co-animated by YPD at the international meeting in Nancy

ACT: (October 29th to November 1st)1 day social action in Cambrai to raise awareness about international solidarity and  participation to the 4th International meetings of our partner organisation RECIT (Network of Schools of Citizens) in Nancy (East of France).

Departure Day (November 2nd)

YPD 2010 Report

There are 22 participants from different countries including Cambodia, Australia, France, Vietnam Hanoi and Saigon, Indonesia, Pakistan, Thailand and Karen. The program was held in France, from October 22 -02 November 2010. 

The theme for the program overview of the YPD France training program was “International Solidarity”. The purpose of this event was :

–        to create a space for discussion and sharing about development issues lead by youth ;

–        to raise awareness and mutual understanding of inter-related and cross-cutting development and international solidarity issues in Europe and South East Asia ;

–        to strengthen citizen behavior of young participants and their ability to suggest alternatives way of doing ;

–        to explore creative and innovative non-formal education tools addressed to mass and unexperienced population.

The program was divided into 4 immersion groups. Two groups were in Paris and two other groups were in provinces in France :

–        Calais, Shengen border and migration (Calais) ;

–        Alternative way of life in rural area (Nord Pas de Calais) ;

–        Fair trade and social economy (Paris) ;

–        Growth and exclusion, precariousness in the city (Paris).

Each group had three days to visit some organizations or field visit. After that, all participants gathered in Rieux, North of France, to continue the training.

First, they presented their experience during the immersion program and they explained what they have learnt from the community or associations.

After that, many activities were held mixing pedagogy, knowledge and fun : a role play on world trade, an international ping-pong tournament, the presentation of the Development and Solidarity Economy Committee (CODES)… The group also spent time on 3 major activities :

–        to prepare the Workshop “International Solidarity : which practices for which values?” ;

–        to imagine a street animation on one International solidarity or development aspect to be done by the YPD group in the streets of Nancy ;

–        to prepare and rehearse of country performance for the Cultural Show !!

Finally, the whole group went three days to Nancy (East of France) to take part and contribute to the “Internationale Meeting of the Citizenship awareness” organized by French NGO RECIT.

General Assembly

In the last day of the YPD training, we decided to change some rules and regulations of choosing the International Team (IT). Because there is not much work for the international team, we decided to cut off some positions from the IT.  Three positions remain in International Team:

1. International Coordinator- Evalina Pasaribu

2. Communication Officer- John Elvis

3. Extension Program Officer- Mohammed Mafizul Islam (Under consideration)

We decided to choose an international coordinator which country that will host the YPD training program. The position length is a minimum for one year and maximum for three years. The new International Coordinator name is Elvalina Pasaribu who has been selected in General Assembly meeting. The International Coordinator will call for a meeting with the local coordinators in each country by skype or email. They can help each other to set up or finding fund as needed. If you want to know more about YPD worldwide, please email to Elvalina Pasaribu:eva_lina78@yahoo.com or visit website: www.ypdnews.info 

John Elvis is the new Communication Officer. He is from Indonesia. He will help to release YPD newsletter every 3months. His email address is: johnancient@gmail.com. The position length is one year minimum and three years maximum. 

For the Extension Program Officer, it still under consideration. We still need to discuss this position with Mafiz regarding elimination of the position or keeping it. Currently, Mafiz is still helping to process on the YPD website. He is helping the Ex-communication Officer ( Sophea Im) to pose newsletter every month. John and Mafiz will work together to update YPD website.

We decided to release the YPD newsletter every three months. All the local coordinators have to send updating information of their activities to the Communication Officer to send out the news after 3months.

Program in French

« Se développer autrement ?

Echange international de jeunes du réseau YPD en France,22 octobre – 2 novembre 2010Un regard des jeunes sur le(ur) développement »

Du 22 au 25 octobre à Paris :

Arrivée / Jeux de connaissance / Présentation du programme / Exploration des attentes des participants ;

2 immersions parisiennes :

  • les exclus de la croissance : la pauvreté et la précarité en ville à Paris (Altermonde)
  • le commerce équitable, les entreprises solidaires et le développement durable en France,

2 immersions dans le Nord-Pas de Calais :

  • « L’Europe terre de migration » à Calais (Pas-de-Calais) avec le Secours Catholique, Salam et l’Auberge des Migrants
  • «Les modes de vie alternatifs en milieu rural » à Ergny (Pas de Calais) avec le MRJC (Mouvement Rural de Jeunesse Chrétienne).

Du 26 au 28 octobre au château du Rieux-en-Cambrésis dans le Nord :

  • Retransmission et partage autour des immersions ;
  • Jeu du commerce mondial avec le CCFD-Terre Solitaire ;
  • Plénière : « Les formes de la solidarité internationale, agir local pour un impact global. » ;
  • Réflexion et préparation de l’atelier sur la solidarité internationale à animer aux 4èmes rencontres de l’éducation citoyenne de RECIT à Nancy ;
  • Préparation d’un Stunt / Happening sur la solidarité internationale ;
  • Cultural Show, soirée festive et internationale ouverte à tous !

Du 29 octobre au 2 novembre 2010, aux rencontres internationales de RECIT à Nancy :

  • Participation aux 4èmes rencontres internationales de l’éducation citoyenne organisées par RECIT « Réseau des Ecoles de Citoyen » à Nancy sur le thème « Résister et Construire »
  •  rassemblant 600 jeunes français et des partenaires africains et sud-américains de RECIT ;

Animation de l’atelier « Solidarité Internationale, quelles pratiques pour quelles valeurs? »

  • conférence interactive
  • visio-conférence avec le Forum Mondial de l’Education en Palestine