YPD 2009: Vietnam

YPD 2009

Strategic Planning Workshop

Conceptual Background

In 2009, the annual YPD Training Workshop will focus on the topic “YPD STRATEGIC PLANNING WORKSHOP”. The reasons for choosing this topic for 2009 YPD Training workshop are as follows:

We have conducted many trainings for YPD members but the topics selected are quite random and not been used once the members are back to their own country.

We realise that having a vision is vital to an organization: “If you don’t know where you are going, any road can get you there” and “Failing to plan is planning to fail”

The benefits of developing vision for YPD is to agree on Guidelines for our direction to develop a strategic plan (where do you want to go in the next 5-10 years?)

For the reasons mentioned above Saigon YPD is unanimously in choosing “YPD STRATEGIC PLANNING WORKSHOP” as the main content with the aim of shaping Vision for International YPD to consolidate YPD activities in all country members to create a more effective network that can support each other for growth.

We expect:

participants to understand how to develop vision, mission and strategic planning

  • to define vision/ mission with areas of focus.
  • to develop YPD strategic plan (period? indicators? targets?) and guidance
  • to identify roles and responsibilities of supporting groups and each country coordinator.