YPD Bikeride 2005

The YPD Bike Ride took place in November 2005 in the Chiang Mai – Phayao district of northern Thailand and in the west near Maesot.

The objective was to combine an exposure and immersion program with an activity to raise funds for YPD and other projects.

Twenty-five people from Thailand, Myanmar, Malaysia, Vietnam, France and Australia took part in the bike ride, raising approximately $US4000.

Particular thanks to Mr Mongkol Catartong, a bike rider and community activist from Chiang Mai, who has a lot of experience with this kind of event, and kindly assisted us in organising this event.

Thanks also to the Diocese of Chiang Mai, the Regional Training and Resource Center, Fr Niphot, as well to Mr Kwi Kwi from Maesot.


Mr Mongkol Catartong