YPD 2006: Malaysia

Young People for Development Training Programme 2006

31st July to 9th August 2006

Dusun Eco Resort, Bentong, Pahang, Malaysia


1. The YPD Training Programme 2006, themed “Holistic Approach to Livelihood” brought together 46 young community leaders from different countries in Europe and ASEAN to gain expertise and share their experience on “Social Enterprise”. This was done in a very “hands-on manner.”

2. The training programme had three components:

i. Immersion – participants were exposed to the case studies which are Social enterprise categorised under (a) Financing, (b) Environment and (c) Technology. The case studies were a micro-credit community, an organic farm, online journalism and transportation for people with special needs. The participants stayed, worked and experienced first hand from the members of the social enterprise they had chosen;

ii. Workshop – The participants then assembled at Dusun Eco where further inputs were provided by experts on the selected social enterprise. The participants then discussed the case studies and also evaluated the feasibility of implementing the case studies in their local area.

iii. Country planning and General Assembly – The participants then planned the actions that each local YPD teams would take in the course of the coming year. This was followed by a General Assembly where deliberations were made on how to move YPD forward as a network to promote development among young people. Decisions were made to this effect in the election of an international coordinator, an officer in charge of developing membership for YPD with a special focus on the European Union. Project wise, YPD will focus on developing a volunteer programme for young people (university students especially) to work as interns or volunteers in companies or non – profits in ASEAN member countries.


3. The YPD2006 achieved the following objectives:

a. Evaluated and consolidated the initiatives of the network for the past three years (2003 – 2005). YPD has now identified its core focus (volunteer programs and the solidarity/fair trade network);

b. 46 young community leaders were exposed and trained in developing Social Enterprises;

c. To further promote YPD’s Solidarity Trade Network


4. The participants for YPD2006 came from YPD members from eight different countries (France, Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore). The participants ranged from 18 to 40 years old. There were also advisors who were above this age group. The participants, in general were knowledgeable in English. Presentations, discussions and sharing were all done in English. The participants were committed for the entire period of the programme and have undertaken the responsibility to contribute to the development through their local YPD teams.


5. A detailed and comprehensive report of this project will be published with the support of ASEF. This report will contain the contents of the training programme. Other outputs are listed below:

a. The training of 46 young community leaders in Social Enterprise;

b. The replication of this “Social Enterprise” training programme in selected YPD local teams; and

c. The development of local social enterprise projects in all local YPD teams;


6. YPD and ASEF’s visibility as a sponsor of the activity was clear throughout the programme, including ASEF’s name and logo, which appeared in all publicity material, banners/backdrops, conference material and stationery as well as in post event publications. ASEF’s contribution was also fully recognised in the report that will be published.



7. The YPD was established in 2003. This network and its programmes continue to gain important recognition and in creating a valuable network of young people committed to development issues, it ensures the strengthening and coherence of this important social responsibility in the future.


8. This is the fourth training programme organised by YPD and follows a successful format of past programmes. This programme also fits comfortably within the youth pillar of ASEF’s People to People Exchange Department.


9. This project has a valuable impact in terms of strengthening the network of young people committed to development in Europe and Asia, and increasing the visibility and knowledge of the Asia – Europe Foundation and the YPD Network. This was achieved by the multiplier effect due to the selection of participants who are community leaders and active representative in their local communities.


10. This is the fourth year that the YPD training programme has been successfully organised. It continues to attract established partners who are attracted to the innovative and substantive way the training programme is organised.


11. The fifth Young People for Development Training Programme is already scheduled for the summer of 2007 in Cambodia. YPD Cambodia and YPD International with support from Asia – Europe Foundation will organise this training programme. Details of the project are being finalised at this stage and will be publicised very soon.