YPD songs

Composed by participants in YPD 2004 Thailand

YPD as one (chorus)

work tam ma lam together

love ai cinta one another

peace paix heiwa forever

nueng yi satu, as one

work work work work together

love love love love one another

peace peace peace peace forever

one one one one, as one

To create the YPD song -> Values for development:

Our poems

We are YPD, we accept responsibility

We join together in struggle and action

To built a lovely land of harmony and humanity

Happiness, friendship and wisdom.

Listen, listen to educated ones

To the teaching of the forest,

The wisdom of the river,

They write the book of life.

Stand up for the rights of your generation,

In this unfair and evil world,

Let’s hold hands,

One in unity, one in solidarity

Work, work, work, work together

Love, love, love, love one another

Peace, peace, peace, peace forever,

One, one, one, one as one.

Together in solidarity, let’s share our spirit

For trust to help us stand

And for us not to forget our land

But to love and protect our mother earth.