New YPD teams

The study stage

You want to start a new YPD team and you are about to get started. What are the important things to do in this preparation or this stage?

1. Clarifying your objectives

Spend some time quietly reflecting on the importance of what you are undertaking.

Try to clarify the most important things you wish to achieve by starting the YPD so that you will be able to give a clear and simple answer to those who ask you questions. Take opportunities to speak to people with YPD experience, and to read any articles you find helpful in deepening your understanding.

2. Recruiting your team

Make a careful choice of two or three people to assist you as members of the initiation team. A good team could consist of three or four people who agree to take joint responsibility for the new group in its initial stages.

Try to ensure that they understand fully what they will be asked to do before they make their final decision to agree to do this work.

Team members should commit themselves to persevering in this work for some time. The new group should be fully independent after six months of meetings. Perhaps team members should all commit themselves for a minimum of six months. What do you think?

3. Building a united team

The team should meet on a number of occasions to build team spirit, friendship and especially to clarify their objectives. It is very important that team members reach an understanding and agreement on questions about what is essential to YPD and what is notYPD  method and orientation.

4. Collecting facts

Team members should spend some time gathering facts and statistics about the area for example the numbers of young workers, numbers of unemployed, where young people work. This helps the team to build a picture of the young workers’ life and it introduces them to local resources and agencies.

The team should begin to progressively build up a list of young workers in the area. There are many means of getting these names – community lists, school lists, talking to families, churches, mosques, temples etc.

5. Making some important decisions

What sort of group will we start; a community group, a category group, a church/temple/mosque group, or a workplace group?

How shall we advertise the group and who should we officially inform?

If we are starting a group in a neighbourhood area or a colony, perhaps the local leader of that community should be consulted.

Where shall the new group meet? It should be a place where the group feels comfortable, with sufficient chairs and, if possible, facilities for making or providing some drinks. It should be quiet enough so that all can hear what is said in the meeting.

Is it possible that another group could be started in a neighbouring area at the same time?

YPD is a movement  of young people working for development. Your new group will in time have its own local leaders. They will want to meet other YPD leaders. It will be most useful if there are other new YPD groups around the area. It would be worthwhile to talk about your plans to neighbouring areas and see if it is possible that they could join in and start a group at the same time.