• YPD 2019: Myanmar

    YPD 2019: Myanmar

    YPD 2019 took place in Myanmar and was on the theme “People on the Move.”

  • YPD 2018: Nepal

    YPD 2018: Nepal

    YPD 2018 took place in Nepal with the theme “Naturally Nepal.”

  • YPD 2017: Karenland

    YPD 2017: Karenland

    YPD 2017 took place in the Karenland regions of Thailand and Myanmar. the theme was “Study peace, culture, tradition, environment and livelihood.”

  • YPD 2016: Vietnam

    YPD 2016: Vietnam

    YPD 2016 took place in Hanoi, Vietnam with the theme “Learning the see-judge-act method and how to organise simple volunteer activities.”

  • YPD 2014: Malaysia

    YPD 2014: Malaysia

    YPD 2014 took place in Malaysia with the theme “A new generation: Forming leaders and building teams.”

  • YPD 2013: Nepal

    YPD 2013: Nepal

    YPD 2013 took place in Nepal. The theme was “Bridging the gap: The closer we step.”

  • YPD 2012: Thailand

    YPD 2012: Thailand

    YPD 2012 in Chiang Mai, Thailand, looked at the theme “Cooperative networking for social transformation.”

  • YPD 2011: Indonesia

    YPD 2011: Indonesia

    YPD 2011 took place in Indonesia, beginning in Jakarta, and concluding in Bali.

  • YPD 2010: France

    YPD 2010: France

    YPD France invites you to the 8th training programme: “For a different development?”

  • YPD 2009: Vietnam

    YPD 2009: Vietnam

    In 2009, the YPD program in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, focused on strategic planning.

  • YPD 2008: Australia

    YPD 2008: Australia

    The YPD 2008 program was hosted by Holy Eucharist parish, St Albans South, as part of the World Youth Day program program. We called it Green World Youth Day.

  • YPD 2007: Cambodia

    YPD 2007: Cambodia

    Congratulations to YPD Cambodia for all the work done organising the YPD Annual Training from July 14th to 22nd, 2007 in Phnom Penh, Kampong Chhnang and Siem Reap.

  • YPD 2006: Malaysia

    YPD 2006: Malaysia

    The YPD Training Programme 2006, themed “Holistic Approach to Livelihood” brought together 46 young community leaders to gain expertise and share their experience on “Social Enterprise.”

  • YPD 2005: Vietnam

    YPD 2005: Vietnam

    YPD 2005 was successfully held in Hanoi, Vietnam from 26 November – 3 December following the YPD Bike Ride in Thailand from the 15th to the 25 of November.

  • YPD Bike Ride 2005

    YPD Bike Ride 2005

    The YPD Fundraising Bike Ride took place in November 2005 in the Chiang Mai – Phayao district of northern Thailand and in the west near Maesot.

  • YPD 2004: Thailand

    YPD 2004: Thailand

    Young People for Development (YPD 2004) took place in Chiang Mai, Thailand from 10-20 July 2004.

  • YPD 2003: Thailand

    YPD 2003: Thailand

    The first YPD Exchange and Training Program took place in Thailand from 7 – 25 August 2003.