Young People for Development

Welcome to our Young People for Development (YPD) website, which tells the story of our YPD Exchange and Training Programs from 2003 to the present.

Our international programs ended in 2020, owing to Covid.

We hope to restart them in the near future.

In the meantime, we invite you to browse our past programs, and look at what our local YPD network in Karenland is doing.

  • YPD 2019: Myanmar

    YPD 2019: Myanmar

    YPD 2019 took place in Myanmar and was on the theme “People on the Move.”

  • YPD 2018: Nepal

    YPD 2018: Nepal

    YPD 2018 took place in Nepal with the theme “Naturally Nepal.”

  • YPD 2017: Karenland

    YPD 2017: Karenland

    YPD 2017 took place in the Karenland regions of Thailand and Myanmar. the theme was “Study peace, culture, tradition, environment and livelihood.”

  • YPD 2016: Vietnam

    YPD 2016: Vietnam

    YPD 2016 took place in Hanoi, Vietnam with the theme “Learning the see-judge-act method and how to organise simple volunteer activities.”

  • YPD 2014: Malaysia

    YPD 2014: Malaysia

    YPD 2014 took place in Malaysia with the theme “A new generation: Forming leaders and building teams.”

  • YPD 2013: Nepal

    YPD 2013: Nepal

    YPD 2013 took place in Nepal. The theme was “Bridging the gap: The closer we step.”

  • YPD 2012: Thailand

    YPD 2012: Thailand

    YPD 2012 in Chiang Mai, Thailand, looked at the theme “Cooperative networking for social transformation.”

  • YPD 2011: Indonesia

    YPD 2011: Indonesia

    YPD 2011 took place in Indonesia, beginning in Jakarta, and concluding in Bali.

  • YPD 2010: France

    YPD 2010: France

    YPD France invites you to the 8th training programme: “For a different development?”

  • YPD 2009: Vietnam

    YPD 2009: Vietnam

    In 2009, the YPD program in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, focused on strategic planning.

  • YPD 2008: Australia

    YPD 2008: Australia

    The YPD 2008 program was hosted by Holy Eucharist parish, St Albans South, as part of the World Youth Day program program. We called it Green World Youth Day.

  • YPD 2007: Cambodia

    YPD 2007: Cambodia

    Congratulations to YPD Cambodia for all the work done organising the YPD Annual Training from July 14th to 22nd, 2007 in Phnom Penh, Kampong Chhnang and Siem Reap.

  • YPD 2006: Malaysia

    YPD 2006: Malaysia

    The YPD Training Programme 2006, themed “Holistic Approach to Livelihood” brought together 46 young community leaders to gain expertise and share their experience on “Social Enterprise.”

  • YPD 2005: Vietnam

    YPD 2005: Vietnam

    YPD 2005 was successfully held in Hanoi, Vietnam from 26 November – 3 December following the YPD Bike Ride in Thailand from the 15th to the 25 of November.

  • YPD Bike Ride 2005

    YPD Bike Ride 2005

    The YPD Fundraising Bike Ride took place in November 2005 in the Chiang Mai – Phayao district of northern Thailand and in the west near Maesot.

  • YPD 2004: Thailand

    YPD 2004: Thailand

    Young People for Development (YPD 2004) took place in Chiang Mai, Thailand from 10-20 July 2004.

  • YPD 2003: Thailand

    YPD 2003: Thailand

    The first YPD Exchange and Training Program took place in Thailand from 7 – 25 August 2003.

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